X-Art – Kenna, Alex Grey3. Aug, 2015

X-Art – Kenna, Alex Grey

Kenna, Alex Grey - Dangerous When Wet
Added: August 02, 2015

HD Video: Two gorgeous young girls have a naughty idea to get each other wet...and then even wetter (is that a word?) while loving on each other's beautiful bodies and having my favorite kind of fun. Who else has a water-related fantasy? You can see by the way that Kenna and Alex exchange glances and flirty sexual energy that they're about to ignite something incredible. They won't let you down, I promise. They're dangerous when wet!

X-Art – Alex Grey31. Jul, 2015

X-Art – Alex Grey

Alex Grey - Among The Wildflowers
Added: July 31, 2015

HD Video: How many artists have covered the song, "Wildflower?" I love the lyric, "She's a free and gentle flower growing wild." How better to describe our insanely gorgeous Alex Grey? When Van Wylde and she started to lovingly kiss and touch one another in the garden, it quickly became clear that we were watching an unstoppable, intense sexual passion develop that would make this day something special. How many guys would love to look into those spellbinding eyes as Alex smiles and slowly sucks your cock? How many of you — guys or girls -- would give anything to spread our beauty's labial flowers and taste her wet, tight teenage pussy? When Alex takes Van for the ride of his life and then explodes in hot, orgasmic bliss as he pushes deep inside her, you will get off with these two. Trust me! Tenderness can become wild -- and sexy!

X-Art – Riley Reid6. Jul, 2015

X-Art – Riley Reid

Riley Reid - Are you Man Enough?
Added: July 06, 2015

HD Video: Are you man enough to handle the super-eroticism of little Riley Reid? She's a handful (in the best way EVER) and has already proven she can handle two or even three men at once, so we'd never doubt her abilities. You (man or woman) on the other hand better get rock hard (or wet) and ready for this impressive cock eater. It's only a start for her and many other gorgeous models who are shooting some majorly hot stuff for X-Art AS WE SPEAK! Cum join the fun...

X-Art – Maddy Rose29. Jun, 2015

X-Art – Maddy Rose

Maddy Rose - Maddy Me Crazy
Added: June 29, 2015

HD Video: Maddy Rose is a tiny girl with a super-sized sex drive, of which you will witness in this scene when she gets filled up by her sexy hunk Van Wylde. Her gymnast figure stretches to the limit in more ways than one (and in some of her favorite positions!). She'll blow your cock then blow your mind. Lets just call this one "Maddy Me Crazy!"

JoyMii – Happy Birthday Pt. 229. Jun, 2015

JoyMii – Happy Birthday Pt. 2

JoyMii - Happy Birthday Pt. 2
Added: June 29, 2015

It's Sicilia's birthday, but her boyfriend can't make it. Fortunately for her, he has arranged a present that he knows she'll love - and her name is Apolonia. :) Apolonia has been waiting with anticipation and is ready to give Sicilia her present - herself - as soon as Sicilia walks in the door, and that's just what she does. Sicilia is ready too and wastes no time letting Apolonia have her way with her... and it sure feels good. Apolonia's finger in her sweet, smooth pussy is just what she needed and she enjoys every second of it. Pretty soon, she finds her tongue on Apolonia's pussy as it gets wetter and wetter as she anticipates what is about to take place. You'll just have to come in and see for yourself just how lovely this birthday turns out... for both of them! :) Enjoy!

RubATeen – Kaiya7. Jun, 2015

RubATeen – Kaiya

Kaiya - Anal Massage
Added: June 06, 2015

Only Blowjob – Lolly Gartner4. Jun, 2015

Only Blowjob – Lolly Gartner

Lolly Gartner - Blonde Babe Blowing Big Dick In Gloryhole
Added: June 04, 2015

That lovely blonde babe from Latvia, Lolly Gartner, is in her pink striped top as she looks around at a wardrobe in a photo studio makeup room. Her small ass looks cute in her blue denim miniskirt and her feet look sweet in her pink strappy high heels. She notices a gloryhole in the wall behind the wardrobe. Sneaky! And then her blue eyes really open wide when she sees a big dick coming through the hole for cock sucking. She gets down on her knees and takes it her her light skinned hand so she can lick and give it a blowjob. Our DDF cameras come in tight to show the huge organ filling Lolly's mouth. She moves her long hair off her face so we can see her give the blowjob. She looks at the camera with her big eyes, holds the balls at the base with her fingers. She takes the cock in her mouth in the middle of the shaft in these sexy blowjob pix and Full HD video. Our lens shoots upward as Lolly shows off her bare pussy while keeping the dick in her lips. In some shots the cock and balls almost look too big for her head! She licks the tip while she plays with her shaved pussy. She takes down her top and soon she is naked except for her heels and we can enjoy her natural tits too. Lolly grasps the cock real tight in her hands until she gets a big mess of spunk on her mouth and chin for a facial cumshot finish that lights up those blue eyes of hers! Then for a bonus she poses looking very innocent against the door and we can see her shaved pussy. The cum is still dripping and drying on her face. Maybe now that the big dick has been drained she can get back to looking for some clothes in the wardrobe!

X-Art – Kenna4. Jun, 2015

X-Art – Kenna

Kenna - I Know You Love Me
Added: June 03, 2015

HD Video: I know you love me, but today I want you to WANT me. And I'm going to get nice and wet and moan and fuck myself, then cum all over the bed...just in case you happen to walk in and see me lying here in orgasmic bliss. Will that turn you on? I hope it makes you HOT and hard for me, then I hope you join me for round two. Interested? Oh and by the way, blondes do have the most fun, and I'm officially naming this "Blonde Week" at X-Art! xoxo Colette P.S. I can't get enough of Kenna, Aubrey or Alex!!!

Dancing Bear – Swinging Dicks!26. May, 2015

Dancing Bear – Swinging Dicks!

Dancing Bear - Swinging Dicks!
Added: May 26, 2015

We're back with more horny women to satisfy. Each stud comes out swinging their dicks, driving them crazy. Scratching and clawing to get a taste. They went around the room and each one clamped those juicy lips on the dick. Stroking away. Sucking the dick good until each dancer came, one by one. Enjoy

RealExGirlfriends – Jessie Law16. May, 2015

RealExGirlfriends – Jessie Law

Jessie Law - Sexy Show Off
Added: May 16, 2015