Bang Bus – Skyler Luv18. Feb, 2015


Skyler Luv – The Titties On the Bus Go, Up and Down, Up and Down……
Added: February 18, 2015

Nothing we love more than a chick with big ol’ natural tits and a fat ass… and that’s exactly what we found on the side of the road! Hah! We have no fucking clue what Skyler was doing out in the middle of nowhere painting nature, but guess what? We don’t give a shit fuckers! She was gullible and eager to take a ride with us, and that’s all that matters. This clueless babe was happy to suck cock and get slammed up for a few bucks cash. Her natural boobs bounced up and down in full glory as she got pounded proper. Hardcore real amateur fucking! Ain’t no shame in our game!