Bang Bus – Bethany9. Jul, 2014


Bethany – Anal Loving Nympho Rides the BangBus
Added: July 08, 2014

Just another goddamn day on the Bangbus! We were scoping out chicks around a shopping mall, and came across this Latina that walked like she wanted some dick. Convincing her to fuck was actually pretty easy this time… you could tell by the look on her face that she loves swallowing loads and getting pounded by just about anyone. This ain’t the type of broad you wife up, she is the type you fuck in a dirty bathroom stall know what I’m sayin? Well, it turns out that she wanted hard cock up her ass, so we let her have it! Hardcore amateur anal fucking on the mothafuckin Bangbus! You best believe we ripped her off too, Hahaha!